Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's a......

BOY!!! June 24th, 2009 was the day we found out we're having a baby boy! From the day I found out I was preggo, I just knew that it was going to be a boy. I always hoped of having a girl, but when I actually got pregnant my feelings changed. I, along with James, really wanted a boy. When we went in for our appointment, we were all so excited. When I say all, I mean James, my Mom, my little sister Chelsey, and myself. Dr. Farhart told us we could bring whoever we wanted to see the sonogram. So I decided on two of the most important people in my life, including my hubby of course! Dr. Farhart told me to drink a BIG caffeinated drink before the appointment, so that my bladder would be full and would push my uterus up, and to get our baby moving. So I had my first Diet Coke since I found out I was pregnant. Man it tasted gooooooood! But ended up giving me a tummy ache because I drank so much. The worst part was that they wouldn't let me go pee until after the sonogram was over! But the absolute best part was when Dr. Farhart announced "there's his little rocket!" Ahhh, we were so elated!!! The grin on James' face was priceless! The whole moment completely took my breath away! We were able to get quite a few pictures, as well as a few videos from the sonogram.

Showing off his "little rocket!"

Little feet, my favorite picture so far!

View of body and head, check out the size of that head!

Video of his spine:

Video of his heartbeat: