Thursday, October 22, 2009

In launch position...

Well it's been about a month since i've posted anything and I am now 36 weeks preggo! Only 4 weeks to go!!! We can't wait for Micah's arrival! The nursery is all set up and ready to go, now I just need to work on getting the rest of the house in order. I'm waiting for my "nesting" instinct to kick in! Haha! Micah has been doing all sorts of punches and kicks while in my belly! He is a very active little boy, unless someone wants to feel him move, then he comes to a halt! It's like he doesn't want anyone else but Mommy or Daddy to feel his movements. I think he gets stage fright! :) He also gets the hiccups quite often, which Dr. Farhart says is a good thing because he is practicing his "underwater" breathing! We had our 36 week check up yesterday with Dr. Farhart. He checked me for the first time to see where I'm at. So far, no dilation, a little bit of softening of my cervix, and he could feel Micah's head which means he is in "launch position," as my Dad would put it! Also, Dr. Farhart said Micah has dropped, which I had a feeling he had because I was having a lot of pressure last week and it felt like Micah was just going to fall out! I have only had a few contractions, and by a few I mean like two! Dr. Farhart says that we are probably right on schedule for our November 19th due date, give or take a few days!

Here is a picture of my growing belly at 35 weeks and 5 days! It's not the best picture because it was taken from my phone, since the camera is already packed in the hospital bag!