Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Classes, classes, classes...

We are FINALLY finished with all of our "baby" classes! It felt like we were back in college again, going to class twice a week from 6-9pm, and taking notes like good students! I highly recommend taking as many classes as you can before having your first child. We learned SO much! In our Child Birth class we learned ALL about giving birth. From the anatomy of the woman's and baby's body to getting down on the floor learning how to push, the instructor taught us everything! This class was a three week course, so we were there every Monday for the past three weeks. I think they could have squeezed this course into two days instead of three, because the second day was just an overview of the first day and they taught us a few stretches. But overall, the class was definitely worth the time! The second class we took was the Baby Care class. I think it was our instructor, but the class was a waste! The instructor was a nursing student, with NO kids of her own. So every answer was a textbook answer and nothing from personal experience. The main reason we took this course was for James, since he has never been around nor cared for a newborn. I could have taught him everything the instructor did, and then some! I'm not saying no one should ever take this course, just make sure you have an instructor who has experience with babies! The third class and one of the two most helpful class, was the Car Seat Safety class! Hands down one of the BEST classes we took! Our instructor was amazing and knew anything and everything about the topic! She even scheduled an appointment with us to help us install the car seat and bases in both of our vehicles. You would never have thought that so much went into car seats and policies and regulations! The last class we took was the Breast-feeding course. This was the other class that was the most helpful. I was so nervous and scared of failing when it came to breast-feeding, but this class definitely put me at ease. I feel very confident and think that I, along with James, know just about everything on the topic of breast-feeding. Now I just need my little man to be born to put all of my new knowledge to the test!!! Only about 3 1/2 weeks until my due date!