Thursday, July 16, 2009

The day our lives changed forever....

March 14th, 2009....It was a Saturday when our lives changed forever. I had a feeling that I was pregnant, but wasn't 100% sure. James didn't think I was, but being three days "late" was very unusual for me. I had to take James to go pick up his company car that morning, and on my way home I stopped by HEB to pick up a pregnancy test. Once I got home, I COULDN'T wait for James to get home to take the test. So I did. My suspicions were true...the little stick read "Pregnant!" WOW, I was in total shock! Was I really pregnant?!?!? We thought it would take a while to get pregnant because I was on the pill for so many years. But only two months off is all it took! It seemed like forever until James got home. I tried to occupy myself. I took a shower. I paced back and forth, until he FINALLY walked in the door. I tried to keep my cool. I wanted to surprise if me just being pregnant wasn't surprising enough! I picked him up a new gate opener, since he left his in the old company car when they took it away, I had it in one pocket and the "test" with a little bow on it in the other pocket. I told him I had a present for him, and handed him the garage opener! He laughed and thought I was just being silly. Then I said "I have another present for you," and pulled out the test stick. He was completely speechless! After a few moments of silence, he replied "I'm going to be a dad!" "Really? Are you serious? Really? Really?" We were both so happy!