Thursday, July 16, 2009

First appointment with Dr. Farhart....

April 3rd, 2009 was our first appointment with Dr. Farhart. I was a bit nervous meeting our OB doctor for the first time. I didn't know what to expect. What if we didn't like him? What if I had to find another doctor? So many worries and questions ran through my mind before our first appointment with Dr. Farhart. I think the reason I was really worried was because I went to another OB a few weeks before, and had a horrible experience. I had to wait almost an hour for the staff to tell me that my appointment was never made and that the doctor wasn't even there for me to see. Ugh! So they had the doctor's nurse take a urine sample to verify my pregnancy. Then she handed me a bag of junk, literally it was junk, and walked away halfway telling me "congratulations" while she was dialing a number on her cell phone. How rude?!?!? So I left, and if you know the medical center in San Antonio, you know it's a pain to navigate through. It took me 30 minutes just to get out of the area, and I ended up on the wrong highway further out than I thought I was. I was so upset, I cried the whole way home! So going into our appointment with Dr. Farhart I was a bit nervous. From the minute we walked into the office EVERYONE there was super nice. We didn't have to wait long for Dr. Farhart, and he ended up being one of the nicest doctor's I have ever met. He took so much time with James and I, and answered every one of our questions. Once again, they verified my pregnancy. But this time they actually did an ultrasound to see our little bean! Overall, the first appointment with Dr. Farhart far exceeded my expectations and I couldn't have chosen a better OB!